Confession and Statement of Apology

Calling games for a Major League Baseball team is both an honor and a privilege. These positions are rare and difficult to come by. For me, as a member of the Texas Rangers broadcast team, this is a dream job.

With great privilege though comes great responsibility. I not only represent myself every time I get behind the microphone, but I also represent the Texas Rangers organization and their great fans. That is something that has never been lost on me.

Life on the road as a member of the traveling party for a Major League team can bring many temptations. The pitfalls are prevalent and if you’re not careful you can stumble into some unscrupulous behavior.

It is with great regret and shame that I have to both announce and take ownership of recent transgression I committed on the road.

The Rangers were recently on a 9-game, 10-day West Coast swing with stops in Los Angeles, Seattle and Oakland. The trip was a long one, and while that is not a reason that would excuse my actions, it’s is undoubtedly a part of the cause.

Coming from a national job with Fox and FS1 I should have known better. I was groomed by some of the best, where the expectations were set high. Taking a local job after working exclusively national should have meant I was ready for this, but apparently I was not.

On September 15th and then again on September 23rd I did something no self-respecting broadcaster and family should ever do.

Dave Raymond and CJ Nitkowski of Fox Sports Southwest calling a game vs. the Los Angeles Angels.

September 15, 2017.

Dave Raymond and CJ Nitkowski of Fox Sports Southwest calling a game vs. the Oakland A's.

September 23, 2017

I wore the same tie on a road trip.

At first I had hoped no one would notice. Then I realized of course they would, this matters to people and it probably should matter to me more. I then thought if I went with different knots, one dimple, one dimple-less, that I could fool our audience. What was I thinking?

The guilt finally caught up to me and I knew that I had to come clean before the media critic bloggers exposed me.

I want to apologize to my wife, three children, the Texas Rangers, their fans and the wardrobe department at Fox.

This is no way represents who I really am. For those who know me well, that really know the true CJ Nitkowski, they know I have always been better than this.

I can only ask for your forgiveness and a second chance. My family and I would also ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. There is a lot of repairing to do and time will be our greatest healer.

Thank you.

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