2008 - Second Season in Japan

2007 - First Season in Japan

2009 Korea
October 12th - Game 5, Falling In Love
October 3rd - Playoffs & My Shoulder
September 14th - Play Smart, Play Long
September 6th - The Focus Factor
August 2nd - An Ugly One vs. SK
July 6th - Settling in Seoul
June 20th - Finishee?
June 16th - Drug Test Drama
April 26th - Talking Pitching
April 21st Miscellaneous Korea
April 16th - Facing the Military
April 14th - Surviving Asia
April 10th - Tragedy in MLB
April 9th - AQ and the Audience
April 8th - One Down
April 7th - Back from a Break
March 23rd - WBC Final
March 22nd - Costco Chaos
March 9th - Back on My Feet
March 6th - First Day in Korea
March 5th - Leaving Japan
February 26th -  A Night to Unwind
February 23rd - Prison Baseball
February 18th - Okinawa, First Start
February 15th - Uncle CJ
February 13th - Off Day in Kochi
February 11th - Hair, Obama & ARod
February 9th - Karaoke and More  
February 4th -  A Relaxed Atmosphere
2010 Injury - Rehab - Korea
April 26th - Tweaking Relief Stats
April 22nd - ARod Braden Dust Up 
February 26th - Long Awaited Update