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Jan. 20th, A Tough Day For Millions of Us

We had hopes, we had dreams…but yesterday reality slapped us in the face. The good…

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Loud Outs Rewind 1-16-21

What did you miss? We broke down DJ LeMahieu rejoining the Yankees and their signing…

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MLB Beginnings

Major League Beginnings Pod – with Mark Sweeney & Mike Pomeranz

My good friend and former teammate at FS1 Mark Sweeney and friends have launched a…

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The Top Step Pod – with Ryan Rowland-Smith

Former MLB pitcher and current broadcaster with the Seattle Mariners Ryan Rowland-Smith is an emerging…

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Keeping Score In The Digital Age

Part of my job as a broadcaster is keeping a scorebook during games that I’m…

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A Father I Admire

(I originally wrote and posted this on October 4th, 2011) I’ve been asking for it….

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Mound Visits: The Great Debate With An Easy Solution

It’s that time of year where rules change conversations are taking place. One of the…

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Using Data to Teach Your Kids How to Pitch

Advanced metrics and new ways of acquiring data have been the talk of baseball for…

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Confession and Statement of Apology

Calling games for a Major League Baseball team is both an honor and a privilege….

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When Broadcasting

I’m only in my fifth year as a broadcaster and I love what I do….

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